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Purchase Strategies

Npppl –Bangladesh maintaining Centralized purchase. The group headquarters for managing the suppliers and formulating purchase price and other purchase policies. When the branches perform purchase business, they follow the purchase policies aforementioned. They handle a series of purchase business operations, including the purchase application, PO, purchase receipt, and purchase settlement and payment.

Sales Strategies

Mode of stock transfer by regional distribution center. The headquarters is responsible for customer resource management, appraisal, and credit control. It is also responsible for formulating sales price policies, price subsidiary and profit refund policies, and sales internal incentive policies. According to the requirement forecast and regional center applications, the group allocates the salable commodities and properly transfers them to the regional center as planned. The regional center is responsible for warehouse management. At this moment, the ownership of the commodities is usually not transferred. When a branch has a sales requirement, the regional center or the headquarters performs unified goods source distribution, determines the delivery plan, and perform the sales delivery. After that, the branch completes the sales settlement and the internal settlement for internal transaction of the goods. In addition, the group is also responsible for sales performance summary, statistics collection, and analysis, and on that basis, formulates the sales plan. 

NPPPL has a Quality Policy where two things are got emphasize.

1. Continual Improvement

2. Customer satisfaction

The main strategies needed to meet business targets such as reduction of costs and increase of service level were defined as:

  • Cycle time reduction from suppliers to production units, from production units to distribution centers and from distribution centers to market
  • Increase flexibility by suppliers and in production
  • Increased reliability between partners in supply chain, to increase trust
  • Integrated planning process, to coordinate efforts across the supply chain.

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